Wok Spouts

If you have a wok stove you should get a WokSpout.

The WokSpout has been developed to reduce water use on Chinese wok stoves but it may well be useful in other applications. It automatically shuts off the water flow when it is moved away from the wok itself. This is easier for busy chefs than having to bend down and turn off a tap.

Wok Spout Diagram

“Saving water from the spout alone is done without changing the cooking style.  There are around 20,000 stoves in Australia, so the potential is to save around 1 billion litres of water per annum.”

The Wokspout™ can be retrofitted to existing equipment – therefore, it is possible to start water saving without the need to change the whole stove.

Developed and tested in conjunction with Sydney Water. Testing by Sydney Water shows the WokSpout to save between 1,000 – 2,5000 litres/spout/day.

Wok Spout
The WokSpout is solid brass tube and casting, heat resistance and tested for 50,000 on/off cycles.

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