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image_frame_301Peter McCallum – Director I have been providing plumbing services and solutions for the past 15 years from domestic properties through to commercial properties. Over the years I have worked extremely hard to provide the best possible service however sometimes there are more efficient and cost effective ways. BayZone will be endeavouring to bring to you more innovative products like the ‘QuickFit Water Meter Adapter’ over the coming months. The benefits and cost savings of installing this product alone is staggering. All BayZone products will be protected by International Patents and Copyright.
Press Release

“Australian plumber’s invention set to revolutionise water billing!” Additional increased demand on our water supplies due to misappropriation, coupled with antiquated water metering systems has created a billing nightmare! Are you being billed for someone else’s excessive water use? ‘By Australian law, you can’t bill it – if you can’t measure it!’ “The vast majority of apartments and units in Australia do not have individual water meters. The total water bill is simply split on a per unit basis based on a reading taken by local authorities at a meter in the street – extremely unfair! Careful and low water users are subsidizing wasteful and high water users to the tune of $1,000’s of dollars. Now there is a low cost solution!” says Peter McCallum – Managing Director of Bayzone Holdings Pty Ltd…… to read more click on link above

“Sub-metering is a major issue for us!”says Dennis Abbott, President & CEO of Abbott Enterprises Inc. ”In the US we own our own water authority so we know first hand how big this problem is. The QFWMA product will solve that problem and save alot of money and time as well.”

Australian Law states that ‘If you can’t measure it then you can’t bill it!’

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